Create your E-COMMERCE website and rapidly increase your turnover!

An e-commerce website (online storeboutique) is available anytime and enables to sell your products throughout the world with reduced operating costs.

Your e-commerce web site with open source solutions

You develop the e-commerce web sites with open source solutions with state-of-art technology like Magento community and Prestashop.

This enables to rapidly deploy an e-commerce web site at competitive cost, to buy more and better and to manage your online sales easily.

Control your e-commerce website totally with the help of the administration interface (back office)

The Magento community and Prestashop open source e-commerce solutions provide you an administration interface accessible by login and password which permits you to update your e-commerce website yourself.

With the help of the back office, you can easily use and manage several options such as: the catalog of your products, the history of orders, your stocks, promotions, special offers, taxes or even routing of packages …

Its real time operation enables you to be informed immediately of the sales carried out by a sms or email. The administration interface manages very simply the after sale process and the synchronization of work with your collaborators and your different departments, accounting, stock management, shipping, customer…

Understand and optimize the statistics of your e-commerce web site

How many visitors do you have per day? Who are they and where they are from? What are the products viewed the most? How many visits does it take to generate a sale? What is the route of your visitors in the site? As much information is needed by you to better understand the mechanism of your sale and above all optimize your site accordingly.

The e-commerce website that you develop with Magento integrates a powerful standard graphical statistic system which enables you to understand all these elements with a blink of an eye.

Let your creativity talk for the customised e-commerce website

We create and develop an open source e-commerce stores from the Magento community and Prestashop, which are high-performance and contains several standard functionalities: Example below of some functionalities: Multi-store e-commerce website.

Magento community offers you the possibility to have several stores (catalogues) with different designs but also different languages and currencies; everything managed by a single back office (Administration interface).

Order tracking on a single page

The Magento community Open Source e-commerce solution enables to display in a single page all the information relating to the order of a customer and modify it without quitting the order process. Consequently, the chances/ risks that the customer abandons his cart are highly reduced, which increases the conversion rate of your sales.

Evolving marketing solution

Magento offers an advanced option to manage the catalogues and price rules in order to design a large promotion panel. These promotions can be applied to the entire e-commerce site, category, brand, product and even the highly targeted discount coupons.

Shipping to many addresses

The functionality of Magento community of shipping to many addresses enables to settle an entire lot of orders at once and send them to different addresses.

Efficient optimization of search engines

Magento community offers a high-performance optimization of search engines and arranges several functionalities which increase the SEO of an e-commerce site. These functionalities contain the natural reference, definition of meta-description and key words, as well as community notation of products, addition of comments and the possibility to add tags on a product, which promotes the creation of content related to the products.

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